Hyperloop One opens its first manufacturing plant
Engineers are beginning to construct the components of DevLoop ready for 2017.
Nine reasons your facilities maintenance planning and scheduling effort isn’t giving you the benefits...
Every organization should use either a CMMS or work order management system to manage preventative maintenance work requests. However, facilities maintenance planning...
fleXstructures GmbH wins ROBOTICS AWARD 2017
The jury’s verdict is in: fleXstructures GmbH (Kaiserlautern, Germany) is the winner of the ROBOTICS AWARD 2017 and has received its prize with all...
JSP invests in new ARPRO® Capacity
As a consequence of very strong growth and projected further growth, JSP will invest in additional ARPRO® capacity.
Setting a cadence for your failure analysis efforts
I have decided to address this topic because I believe that we are leaving a lot of value on the table with our failure...
The National Research Council is spearheading research efforts with provinces and industry to develop...
A newly formed alliance called ALTec Industrial research R&D Group is consolidating research efforts in the Canadian aluminium sector to develop innovative aluminium products for ground transportation vehicles. As a cost-effective and sustainable material, aluminum is increasingly being used to manufacture components for lightweight vehicles which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and meet increasingly stringent fuel consumption requirements.
Hardening up: New alloy four times as tough as titanium
A chance discovery in a physics lab at Rice University has turned up an ultra-hard material that could usurp the titanium commonly used in today's knee and hip replacements. Scientists have found that by melting gold into the titanium mix they can produce a non-toxic metal that is four times harder than titanium itself, raising the prospect of more durable, longer lasting medical implants.
Preventing coronavirus through preparation
Many manufacturers are becoming increasingly concerned with Covid-19 breakouts on the production floor. There are ways to improve worker safety through preventive best practices...
Efficient Gas Flow Measurements in Bypass
Measuring gas flow in applications requiring high precision and cost-efficiency is a challenge. Experience in recent years has shown that microthermal flow sensors are superior to other technologies. Industries with exacting demands, such as automotive and medical technology, have recognized that microthermal gas flow sensors give their products decisive advantages. These manifest themselves in high long-term stability and precision even when flow rates are minimal, and the sensors’ suitability for cost-efficient and reliable mass production.
Flexible high-performance cable system has passed the toughest tests
igus® and Telegaertner tested flexible RJ45 industrial cables under practical conditions